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I hope you enjoy the summer but always be mindful of the needs and welfare of your pets. You need to be aware of the potential dangers around during this season.

What serious dangers are there?
The most frequent problems are heat stroke and dehydration.

How can this be avoided?
It’s very important that your pet always has access to FRESH water. During the hottest hours of the day keep your pets indoors or ensure they have plenty of shade.

Should I take my pet out in the car?
If you are parking up always leave the car in a cool, shady spot and ventilated. Avoid subterranean car parks as they are often hot.
NEVER carry an animal in an enclosed boot or leave it alone in the car. If you have to transport your pet then avoid the hottest hours of the day.

What other precautions are needed?
Be very careful with pools. Although, your pet can swim, very often, they can’t get out and if you’re not around it will result in disaster. It is always better to dissuade your pet from going in the pool.
In the country side and often in the garden there is a grass that has sharp seed heads that can lodge in your pet’s skin so pay particular attention to ears, in between claws and inaccessible areas on the skin. If your pet is limping or scratching excessively then consult your vet.
It is essential to use collars and/or drops to protect your pet against insects and parasites (fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, sand flies etc...). As well as being unpleasant they carry serious diseases and during the summer they are prolific.

What about travelling with my pet?
We are happy to give you any advice you may need about travelling with your pet so that you can enjoy the trip with complete peace of mind.


 If you have any questions or need information then don’t hesitate to call us on 952 411 196. For emergencies call 666 156 641.

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